Session 3

Community Driven IWRM

/Nik Wullschleger

Implementing IWRM to empower previously marginalised communities to actively engage in local level IWRM and simultaneously contributing socio-economic development.


Community Driven IWRM

Western Cape

Lessons learnt & sustainability

Community – Donor Conference

Day 1 Programme

Day 2 Programme

IWRM Presentation

WWF WUA IWRM Presentation


Emerging Farmers

Food Security


Small Scale Infrastructure

Olifants Doorn Projects

Stakeholder Participation Guideline


Clearing Alien Invasive Plants

Canal Upgrade

Lamatzicare Food Gardens

Lucerne Fodder

Organic Baby Food

Organic Rooibos Tea

Petersfield Youth Organic Vegetables

Rastafarian Organic Vegetables

Olifants River Wetland Awareness

Vredendal Samewerk Boere (Vsb)

Capacity Building

Stock Farmers & Groundwater

Tap & Leak Repair

Vegetable & Fodder Farm

Water Awareness & Conservation

Water For Emerging Farmers

Water-Wise Food Gardens

Women’s Food Gardens