WAITRO Summit 14-16 November 2022 Cape Town

STI4SDGs & Localising SDGs

WAITRO Summit 2022 Background Documents high-level forum on sTI4SDGs & the implementation of unesco STI for SDGs Roadmaps: status and opportunities STI4SDGs Roadmap In Ghana A Territorial Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals Achieving the SDGs in cities and regions The Localisation of the SDGs in Europe: the JRC launches three methodological reports European Handbook for

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WAITRO Summit 2022 Session 6 Water Affairs IWRM – Danida Stakeholder Participation Guideline UN Agencies UNICEF – Result Based management handbook UNEG – Evaluation in the SDG era – Lessons, challenges and opportunities 1 – main report UNODC – Result Based management handbook Strategic Foresight 2016 STI Forum Guidebook STI for SDG Roadmaps – final

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Community Driven IWRM

WAITRO Summit 2022 Session 3 /Nik Wullschleger Implementing IWRM to empower previously marginalised communities to actively engage in local level IWRM and simultaneously contributing socio-economic development. Process Community Driven IWRM Western Cape Lessons learnt & sustainability Community – Donor Conference Day 1 Programme Day 2 Programme IWRM Presentation WWF WUA IWRM Presentation Themes Emerging Farmers

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