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STI4SDGs & Localising SDGs

WAITRO Summit 2022 Background Documents high-level forum on sTI4SDGs & the implementation of unesco STI for SDGs Roadmaps: status and opportunities STI4SDGs Roadmap In Ghana A Territorial Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals Achieving the SDGs in cities and regions The Localisation of the SDGs in Europe: the JRC launches three methodological reports European Handbook for

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WAITRO Summit 2022 Session 6 Water Affairs IWRM – Danida Stakeholder Participation Guideline UN Agencies UNICEF – Result Based management handbook UNEG – Evaluation in the SDG era – Lessons, challenges and opportunities 1 – main report UNODC – Result Based management handbook Strategic Foresight 2016 STI Forum Guidebook STI for SDG Roadmaps – final

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Community Driven IWRM

WAITRO Summit 2022 Session 3 /Nik Wullschleger Implementing IWRM to empower previously marginalised communities to actively engage in local level IWRM and simultaneously contributing socio-economic development. Process Community Driven IWRM Western Cape Lessons learnt & sustainability Community – Donor Conference Day 1 Programme Day 2 Programme IWRM Presentation WWF WUA IWRM Presentation Themes Emerging Farmers

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Securing a Sustainable Future Interaction with youth organisations, managed by those born in Generation Y who capacitate primarily Generation Z.  Target 10.2 By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status. Associazione Kora integrates human rights into

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WAITRO Summit 2022

Project Cycle Management/Results Based Management – A focus on Monitoring and Evaluation in the context of the Inter-Connectivity of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Rights Based Approach.A South African Case Study

Note: This is a password protected area. This is an introductory session to what, subject to interest this will be offered on-line programme for WAITRO Members.

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