Documentaries related to SDGs and Rights

The Waterline

Feature Documentary / Social Impact Strategy

Beneath the luxurious surface of the cruising world, a handful of human beings reveal, through their hazardous jobs, the efforts needed to craft the entertainment of the few and challenge the meaning of happiness.

Social Impact Strategy

The network is growing thanks to the support of NGO Shipbreaking Platform, and the contacts with The Ocean Opportunity Lab and IndustriALL Global Union. 

We aim to further establish partnerships with Organisations and Stakeholders active both in the cruise ship production chain and the protection of  labor and environmental conditions. 

Given a growing concerned global community and the central role of the Ship Recycling Regulation for the EU Parliament in the incoming years, we aim to reach a heterogeneous audience, help build more responsible citizens, and support concrete actions in favour of the most fragile subjects.

The project currently supports five SDGs.

Film Treatment


Primi Piani is a collective of creatives with members in Milan, Trieste, and Valencia. In the past years, they have documented the lives of humans from war zones to slums, from remote villages to megacities across Europe, Asia, Southern America, and the Middle East. Their experience in video-making, communication, and project management ranges from the profit sector to NGOs, allowing them to carry out tailored impact strategies that work synergistically with films, causes, and audiences.


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1 thought on “Documentaries related to SDGs and Rights”

  1. Hello!
    Our names are Massimo and Aurora, we’re the authors of the film project. On behalf of the whole crew, we want to thank very much Roger for supporting so warmly the project!

    We’re actually developing a Social Impact Strategy which aims to create a community sensitive to the human and environmental costs needed to sustain the cruise ship business, and support with concrete actions the rights of the workers involved at any level with the chain of production.

    At the moment the project is in the Research & Development phase and, given the complexity of the topic, we’re aiming to learn and connect Stakeholders, Foundations and NGOs, in order to shape a communication project which will support the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and five of the UN SDGs.

    If the project meets your curiosity and area of expertise, we would be very pleased to hear any feedback, and be in contact with you 🙂

    Please, find all the project info in the PDF hosted on this page.

    Once again, thank you very much for your attention.
    Have a nice day!

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