STI4SDGs & Localising SDGs

Background Documents

high-level forum on sTI4SDGs & the implementation of unesco

STI for SDGs Roadmaps: status and opportunities

STI4SDGs Roadmap In Ghana

A Territorial Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving the SDGs in cities and regions

The Localisation of the SDGs in Europe: the JRC launches three methodological reports

European Handbook for SDG Voluntary Local Reviews – 2022 Edition

Addressing sustainability challenges and Sustainable Development Goals via Smart Specialisation. Towards a theoretical and conceptual framework


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3 thoughts on “STI4SDGs & Localising SDGs”

  1. Firstly I should explain I have no vested interests in developing this programme idea or those in the other discussion groups. I do not belong to any institution nor am I any more a practicing consultant. I have many other interests I am pursuing! Having said this, as a WAITRO WAN member, I do feel part of the family and enjoy contributing wherever I can. I should add I have no intention of interfering in WAITRO’s management policies/strategies. This is a clear modus operandi agreed within the Alumni.I see this discussion as a natural progression from the Plenary and opportunity to continue discussions post Summit.

  2. I’m working on some ideas to start a discussion.
    The Result would be : Incremental increase over a five year period of individual or clusters of WAITRO members having replicated the UN (EU-JCR) STI & Smart Specialisation pilots to localised STI for SDG stretegies that reflect regional/local priorites agreed with all local stakeholders.

  3. Goal : An accelerated programme of localised STI for SDGs strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of the Covid 19 Pandemic and global economic turndown on achieving SDG targets

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